Sunday, April 8, 2012

If there were multiples, why did Ringo use a stand-in?

I have been asked a few times; If there were multiples of the Beatles, why did they send an outsider with their own name as a stand-in for Ringo when he was sick and unable to perform during their Denmark tour?

Ringo had tonsilitis and pharyngitis while the Beatles were in Denmark.


Jimmy Nicol

Beatle interviews with Jimmy Nicol

It is odd that from 1960 to 1966 with all that constant touring, filming, recording, tv appearances, interviews etc. they never got fatigued or came down with a cold or anything. There was only one instance when somebody wasn't able to perform? Sounds staged to me. And for this very reason; to maintain the appearance of a group of just four guys - helping steer people away from a "multiples" theory. 

You can fake playing bass and rhythm guitar, and lead guitar if you're really good. But you can't fake live drumming. Which makes me think there were only a handful of Ringos that could pull off good live performing. 
Either they were following a script of some kind, or their good performing Ringos were unusable for whatever reason during June of 1964. 

Also, isn't it interesting that it was Ringo that needed a fill-in? If it had been any of the other three, the audience would've rioted. All too convenient if you ask me.

Also, I'm guessing there probably were only so many doubles of Ringo or George that could perform well on stage. 
See the Ringo Discrepancies post to see the many Ringo multiples.

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