Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Beatles and British Royalty

Could the Beatles have been created from the DNA of British Royalty?
Just a thought.

The current Queen Elizabeth and the sometimes beaked nose of Paul McCartney. Do their teeth look similar? Ears? Similar smile?

Former Queen Elizabeth and the angled nose of John Lennon. Also, same lower eye – sometimes right, sometimes left - small lips with the crimp at each side. This looks even more like him in his older years with the larger eyes and narrower chin.

Queen Anne Boleyn and the nose and face of Ringo Starr.

Same doe eyes and lower left eye of Paul, but hers angle upwards, whereas Paul’s are downwards.

Queen Consort Alexandra – the angled straight nose of George Harrison, the face with high cheekbones.

Also, their last song on their last album is "Her Majesty". A tribute to the Queen. Containing the lyrics, "...but she changes from day to day."

John Lennon and Elizabeth I are uncanny.

Here is a comparison of Queen Victoria and Paul circa 1961; for what it's worth.

Here is Queen Victoria with a beak nose. 
What is their 'secret' regarding the beak nose? Sometimes it's there, sometimes not. 

I know it's been mentioned aboout Obama's mom a long time ago, but I figured I'd post the triumvirate.


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Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad you included the disclaimer 'for what it's worth' while comparing paintings with photographs.

The only thing is that, for many of the rabid in PID (again that's rabid in the sense of a dog that comes in from nowhere and starts slobbering and frothing over something like it's food even though it's just your boot)
you may be providing 'mind control'