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P/Faul's teeth

According to the un-thorough Itilian Wired article, 'Faul's' upper-left molars are supposed to arc in a straight, almost-outward angle, while the "real" Paul McCartney's upper-left molars are misaligned and angled inwards. They say Faul had a wider palate, while Paul's was more narrow.

Here's some vintage scans of some early Pauls with their left molars arcing outwards, with the wider palate.

link: ... bum=Album9

Link: ... n_64_3.jpg
Ed Sullivan show 1964

From the vintage albums The Beatles Story and The Beatles Second Album.

In the film A Hard Day's Night. (also holding a fake nose).

Live at the BBC 1964(?)

Interview with Ken Dodd 1963

Here's a shot of his teeth from one scene in Another Girl. They are more straight, or slightly arced outward. Just like the 'Faul' in the article.

Compared with this Paul from the beginning of the film.
When has any other Paul had molars that crooked?

Certainly not here.

From the The Night Before segment in Help!
This one has top teeth that angle in on the left.

And this one has top teeth that arc outward on the left.

The Night Before
There are two different Pauls in the same music video. If they can't even keep the Pauls identical or consistent in one movie, let alone in one song, how can this all be doctoring?!

Some Pauls had that scar on the chin, some didn't. Same with the 'Fauls'. This was the Paul used in the teeth chapter of the Wired article. If you read the whole article you'll see they use different Pauls and different Fauls, to illustrate which ever point they're trying to make.

It's like they searched for the two most different extremes of molar angles that could be found across the two eras.

From the vintage American album Beatles VI

Oh, 'Faul', aren't your molars supposed to arc outwards? 1968 Revolution promo film.

India. Misaligned "real Paul" teeth with horribly fake ear.

Uh oh, 'Faul'... I've got a feeling your molars are supposed to arc outward.
(on rooftop).

These look almost exactly like the teeth Paul has in the Wired article.

And notice in these photos, Faul has swooped eyebrows, but Paul doesn't. Would they doctor the eyebrows and not the teeth? I claim no photos of one guy were doctored to look like another.

Two more Let It Be 'Fauls' with slightly misaligned teeth

And during his wedding, 1969

From I Am The Walrus, hard to tell, but the molars look misaligned.

Here is an excerpt from the Wired article regarding surgically altering the palate:
'A change of the shape of the palate, Carlesi concludes, 'in the Sixties was not impossible but would be very traumatic, the result of an actual intervention maxillo-facial. In practice McCartney should have been subjected to an operation that would involve the opening of the suture palate, broken bone and then a long prosthetic and orthodontic treatment. In other words, for a change so sensitive in the sixties to McCartney would be required not only a particularly painful and bloody, but also the use of a fixed orthodontic multiband then, for over a year. Which would not have been possible to hide and would be obvious repercussions on the performance of a vocal professional singer.’”

From the back cover of the Wings at the Speed of Sound album.

From the Wings TV Special 1973.
Mary Had A Little Lamb



The Paul in the With A Little Luck video has very misaligned, wonky teeth.


Here's some screengrabs from the Today Show in 1982. Straight upper-left teeth.

The Late Breakfast Show, 1983. Crooked upper-left teeth.

1985 straight teeth with the wider palate.

And from The Wogan show in 1990. Crooked teeth, narrow palate.
Then in this 1990 interview in Japan, he has straighter teeth.

So, there were different P/Fauls with different kinds of teeth at least as far back as 1963, and continuing onward to at least 1990.

As you can see, the problem with PID research up to this point is that they just take one pre-67 photo and compare it with one post-66 photo. Many photos from each era must be used to conduct a thorough analysis. I'd like to see these forensic scientists compare multiple photos within each era and point out the differences, which can even be seen with the naked eye.
Most PIDers also only look for the differences when comparing 'Paul & Faul', not the uncanny, unexplainable similarities. And only look for the similarities when viewing photos & videos of Paul, not the differences! Don't hold double standards in your research!
We've taken this research to a new level, and we ask that our viewers be objective when viewing our evidence.

Here is a video version of this presentation:

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