Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fake Ears

Fake ears & unattached earlobes in Japan 1966.

More fake ears with detached ear lobes from the 1965 Sullivan appearance.

Really bad fake ears in India.

and notice his misaligned "real Paul" teeth.

Maybe they went to India to get real ears for the Beatles. ;)


from Help!

Notice the airbrushing by Paul's ear.

Shouldn't that hurt?

A bizarre ear on Ringo. See the excess plastic by his sideburn. This is at the Sept. 1966 Melody Taker Award ceremony.

It looks like he has a new ear growing in next to his old ear. Maybe the Beatles' ears molt, like bird feathers or snake skin. ;)

From the And I Love Her segment of A Hard Day's Night

From the With a Little Luck video.


From the Coming Up video.


Which is interesting since the lead singer has attached earlobes.

1964 Miami Ed Sullivan appearance


Looks as though the studio lights are starting to melt the glue and the applique is starting to peel away from the side of his jaw.

See the lighter shaded tab by his ear. And the detached, droopy earlobe.

Be sure to see the thread on Pauls with detached earlobes before 1967, all from Vintage sources, here.

Folks at NIR claims these are both Paul McCartney.
(see the fake ears?)

(for posterity's sake, the NIR members debated over whether this was Paul or Faul, but the consensus ended up being that it was Paul).

links to threads: (warning; lots of name-calling and other various childish behaviors) ... 740&page=3
(see page 2, also). ... 360&page=1

Here is a vintage scan of from the same photo shoot. Notice the fake-looking ear. Look at George's, too.

Thanks to NIR this photo has gotten a lot of circulation. The ear is obviously fake, but again, why'd they place it in such a weird spot? And why isn't the lobe attached?

Now the stange thing is... don't these two Puals look similar? ^ v



Anonymous said...

Different Pauls appear with Linda throughout the years. Wonder how that worked? Did she go on tour with all of them? It's crazy when you consider these things.

Anonymous said...

Why would they need to use fake ears?

Anonymous said...

There's definitely some bizarre ear anomalies that need to have a theory of 'rational' explanation as well as the rabid 'They were all replaced by aliens from the Illuminati mothership' type.

As with so many of the more 'serious' researchers in PID, I tend to find your work diligent but some of your commentary bewildering for the reason that the work often presents to me differently than your commentary. But I guess we're not dealing with textbooks here.