Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why the use of multiples?

If there was ever a case for multiples; it's The Beatles.

There are a number of very likely reasons for the use of multiples in regards to celebrities, world leaders, etc.

One is so that the prominent figure or group can keep up with the demands of their grueling schedules. How else could one person do all the touring, performing, interviews, photo shoots, recording, filming, public speaking, writing, etc. that they do without taking any time off for sickness or fatigue?

A second is to maximize the prominent figure’s appeal to a world-wide audience. Different regions have different specific physical features that they prefer. Also, individuals have their own set of features that they favor.
In the possible case of a person being cloned, and the clones are only 95-99% similar, there will be varying features as well as heights among that cast of multiples. Then the 'handlers' can send certain ones to certain areas where they will appeal to the general tastes there. They then can also rotate the differing Beatles in and out of the public spotlight so that each one will get enough exposure to appeal to each person’s individual preferences.

Another one of the reasons to use multiples is to cause 'cognitive dissonance'. The multiples look enough alike to pass as one person, but different enough for us to notice subconsciously. We sense something is wrong, but rarely question it in our conscious minds. Contributing to a society of schizophrenics.

And we ask, if these are all doctored, why are they being doctored to all look different instead of the same? To make us look silly for thinking there is a multiples conspiracy? That doesn't make us look silly, it makes it look like there are multiples. Which is a very serious problem, either way. We contend that these photos and film reels and vintage album covers aren't doctored. And if it's lighting/camera angle/lens etc. that is making the Beatlemania Beatles look different, then why can't people extend those same courtesies to the post-66 Beatles?

It's a double standard and a lack of objectivity. which will hinder one's ability to see what's going on in this world. If you idolize any of the key players, you're going to miss a big piece of the puzzle and continue going in circles with unanswered questions.

When we started this research, we had no leaning in regards to what to believe, but wanted to know the truth whatever it turned out to be. Which is likely why we've been able to see the things we've seen. We don't like, we think it's horrifying, and we wish it wasn't true, but there it is and we cannot deny it.

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Allison said...

"It's a double standard and a lack of objectivity. which will hinder one's ability to see what's going on in this world".

Yes! This is the most important part and I think you absolutely nailed it. It's very difficult to write in these little boxes but I'd like to explain to you why I think you so perfectly nailed it. In the nut shell, the whole idea is to get people, on a grand scale, to shrug-off small discrepancies as normal. It conditions the population to believe in bull shit and to accept things as true which are obviously fraudulent. Please email me.
Allison Hunt