Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cartoon: Baby's In Black

Once again, Ringo & George lead them to Transylvania, in Baby's in black. There they enter a castle where Paul finds a sarcophagus. He enthusiastically enters it saying he always wanted to know what it's like to be a mummy. He closes the lid and slides down a secret passage which leads him down into the lab of a mad scientist.

His name is Professor Cyborg, and he wants Paul to marry his latest creation, Vampiress: half-girl, half-bat. Paul refuses and she chases him around the lab until the other 3 finally find there way in to save him. The mad scientist was really a music executive (big difference?) trying to get his singer (the batgirl) into the Beatles' act. When Paul realizes she wasn't really a vampire, he kisses her. Which turns her into a vampire bat.

Monsters seen in the lab. Does that label in the background say "priest blood"?

Youtube link:

The face on the front of the casket kinda looks like Ringo.

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