Sunday, April 8, 2012

Videos w/multiples interactions

The Wings video for Coming Up features multiple Pauls and Lindas
(see fake ear post for evidence of more than one Paul in this video).

from McCartney's Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time video

From Ringo's You're Sixteen video. Note the two pillars and the checkered floor.
The You're Sixteen video is from the 1979 tv movie Ringo, where Ringo finds a man that looks just like him name Ognir Rrats, and convinces him to trade places with him.

From George Harrison's When We Was Fab video.
Ringo and Ringo carry a keyboard

Harrison's Blow Away video

Two Pauls in the Ever Present Past video.

Paul shakes hands with himself in Pipes of Peace.

2012 Olympics

From the Saturday morning Beatles cartoon show, the Tell Me What You See episode

And these scenes from Yellow Submarine.

a master of disguise named Anyface impersonates Paul in the No Reply cartoon. Even the world's biggest fan can't tell them apart.

There are three Johns in the Strawberry Fields Forever cartoon.

from the director's cut of The Beatles Anthology

George Harrison interview with Dick Cavett. He mentions there were hundreds of Beatles. Was he just joking? Funny that PIDers never mention this, and don't take PID messages as jokes.

Of all people to put on the cover...

Here's a video version of this presentation
which also ties in The Magic Christian, The Boys From Brazil and The Prestige

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