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P/Faul's eyes & facial sag/(palsey?)

Did Paul have a condition which caused the left side of his face to sag and/or cave in?
Some PIDers say Yes.
We say some Pauls did to a noticeable degree, and some didn't. It came and went, and at varying degrees.
Here's just a few with-

Link to vintage scan:

See the facial sagging on his left in these three photos.

(This image was printed flipped) ... 765010.jpg

And here are just a few without that happening.

link to vintage scan:
(notice his Faul molars, according to the Wired article)
^Do these all match each other?

Was Paul having Bell's Palsey attacks and recovering from them every week? I've never heard about that. You'd think it would've been mentioned somewhere.

Here's the same thing with "Faul". Sometimes he has it, sometimes he doesn't.
Here are some photos from after 1966 where the left side of his face is sagging or caved in. See how his left eye droops down?

See how well the eyes match up with these.

^(text written by Sun King)

And here's some "Faul's" that don't have nearly as much a facial sag (and their Paul counterparts).
See how much more level all of the Paul/Faul eyes are?

The Faul from SFF had level eyes, yet the right eye seems angled.
While the "Faul" on the hill had a slightly lower left eye.
Much like this one

(two Let It Be "Fauls"? One with sagging, one without.)

If there was a person that became "Faul", did he just happen to have the same condition that came and went at the same frequency? Or were there several of each that may or may not have had it?

The eyes match up fairly well here, though the older Paul's right eye angles down more. These two also have similar sized heads.

as seen on the front of the PID/MH forum.

Here's two different Hard Days Night Pauls, one with a lower left eye, one with more level eyes. (And doesn't darkened shoe-polish hair mean it's Faul?)
Was Paul having Bell's Palsey attacks and recovering from them all in the same photo shoot?
Here you can see the Paul on the left has a lower left eye. And the Paul on the right has level eyes, though his right eye that is at a more severe angle than usual. The corners of his eyes line up perfectly.

Notice how the left eyes and left eyebrow don't line up (he could be raising the eyebrow). Everything else is spot on.

Except the Paul on the right also doesn't seem to have the crows-feet. But it could be the photo is too washed out (lighting).
The Paul on the left is from the photoshoot seen here on this vintage album cover.

The Paul on the right is from the photoshoot seen here from this vintage album cover.

and here's a link to a scan of it from a vintage mag:

Here the left eyes are way off, (but everything else matches up quite well).

And here we have a 1962 Paul matching up with a 1967 Paul. Except notice the 1967 Paul's left eye is drooped down more with the facial sag.
I'm guessing in this case, this is not "Bell's Palsey", as many PIDers claim Paul had. That makes the affected area of the face go numb and immobile. Such a condition would have been apparent during concerts and interviews.

The left eye is naturally lower & angled.

And remember! It's not just Paul that has different eyes from photo to photo, the other three Beatles do too. Please see my threads on them and notice how their eyes also seem to shift around unnaturally on their heads.

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