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P/Faul similar facial expressions etc.

Here is an array of different facial expressions, quirky idiosyncrasies, tics and some unique facial features that some 'Pauls' as well as some 'Fauls' shared.
Some say these expressions and tics could be learned by a double. Yet, I would like to point out that they often occur involuntarily at spontaneous moments.

Here's a video version of this presentation:

On the left you can see an example of 'Faul' lowering his bottom lip between words while singing a song, or while lost in thought while playing. 

The younger Paul is doing it too, in the photo on the right.

Here are more photos of him dipping his bottom lip between words, as seen throughout the ‘60s.

Shea Stadium Youtube link: at 2:11 -

Munich Youtube link: at 2:05 -

"The real Paul never dipped his lip. Only Faul did that". -PIDers

Yes, here's 'Faul' doing it...

but... 1965

'Faul' in 1967

Revolver sessions

In Japan 1966.

Again, when they do it, it always occurs between words while singing, or while lost in thought while playing.

Here is a notorious shot of "Faul on the hill". PIDers say you can tell it's Faul because Paul never grinned like that.

Here is an older P/Faul with the same goofy grin, matching up very well.
Though the older Paul photo got the bejeezus airbrushed out of it.

Paul's goofy grins through the '60s...

1964 American press conference.

Memphis 1966, “Paul's Last interview”.

These three are making the same grin/smirk
1967 interview

1966 Germany

After performance of Yesterday on Ed Sullivan, (sorry, they faded the stage lights).

same Sullivan appearance.

1965 interview

Ready, Steady, Go 1964

1968 interview

Munich, June 1966

from a Ticket To Ride promo.


1966, Tokyo



More goofy grins throughout the '60s.

Hey Jude

1966 Philippines

Help! 1965

HDN photo shoot

"Faul's first appearance" San Francisco, 1966.

Two very similar smiles. first from March 1963. The second is also from "Faul's first appearance" at the San Francisco airport in 1966.

The one from 1963 is the very short Paul, so these are most likely not the same person. But that natural sun-in-the-eyes squint is too similar for something for a look-alike to learn. Especially on such short notice. And why teach him that when it seems like Paul rarely did it?

Also. here's Paul from 1963. Notice this smile.

another photo of him from a vintage mag.
I have read some PIDers say that "Bill" was in some parts of the Help! film.

Did he happen to have the same smile?

Here's the Paul from the ending of the Yellow Submarine film with the same smile.

1968 / 1965

I've seen people say that Paul would never make an even goofier, smarmy smile like this - as seen in the notorious Kenya video.
Youtube link: 

The "real JPM” never made faces like this?

"Hey, you've got to hide your Kenya goofy smile away"
Help! 1965


On the set of Help!, agian.

A Hard Days Night, 1964



1966 interview

Another 'Faul' doing something similar.

During the early and mid-60s You will often see Paul taking a gulp of air in his cheeks while puffing out his lips between sentences while singing. Here's one Paul that does it a lot.

During the 1968 Hey Jude perfromnace, Paul does this same thing at 2:38.

Hey Jude

And again during the filming of I Am The Walrus. - (0:50 and other places)

Here is a video version of this presentation:

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant and succinct.
Most people have a limited and idiosyncratic set of expressions and 'old han' Paul/Faul McCartney is one of these people.
The idiosyncrasies, better than any earlobe or dental analyses provide signature.

One of the claims by the rabid in PID (again, that's 'rabid' as in 'dog that comes in from some abandoned farm in the Bible belt and starts barking up your leg as if it's a tree') is that 'Faul' and his many clones are actors.

If so, I don't think it's one of those drama schools that are particularly oversubscribed except by 'piggies in the middle'.