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The shorter Paul McCartney of early 1963

Shortly (no pun intended) after they began recording with Parlaphone, another new Paul is brought onto the scene. Notice that he's shorter than usual - noticeably shorter than John & George. Seems about an inch taller than Ringo. Putting him at about 5'8" to 5'9".
He seems to be the most well-mannered and friendly Paul yet. Keeping in mind they were being groomed and preened by Epstein.

So, by the time their Please, Please Me LP was released in March 1963, there were at least 7 Pauls.

Very amiable with the fans.

Here they are in the same photo-shoot from a slightly different angle. As you can see neither John or Ringo is standing on a phone book or anything. Although, notice that it seems Paul is wearing high-soles.

link to vintage scan:

^This is the Oct. 1965 issue of Teen Pin-Ups.
other angles.

Which is odd to me, as I am more accustomed to Paul being around 5’11”. As he is, more or less, from 1964, on.

notice his big head, as well.

Vintage scan:

vintage scan:

Here are scans from a vintage mags, that looks like it's from the same time frame of the Swedish ad.

links to vintage scans:

See how much taller Paul & George are all the sudden. Their arms, legs and torso are longer, too.
compared to this photo.

Here is the back of a vintage Help! album cover. See how tall Paul & George are?

And he's barefoot, no shoe-lifts. And George is wearing sandals. If they could be this tall in 1965, then the tall Paul & George in 1963 must not be wearing shoe lifts either.

See how he is 4-5 inches taller than Ringo, when just a couple years earlier he was about the same height, or shorter in the Swedish radio ad?

All the Beatles in sandals, and Paul is the tallest. Muhammad Ali is 6'3", Paul is about 4 inches shorter than Ali putting him at about 5'11" in sandals in 1964!

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