Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cartoon: Devil In Her Heart

In Devil In Her Heart George & Ringo are having a picnic in Transylvania for some reason. Their food is in a picnic casket, containing human parts and blood sausage with human blood. Ringo soon decides to take a walk through woods despite all the dangers, because he is wearing his magic rings that ward off evil spirits.

In the woods he encounters a headless horseman and the coin he flips turns into a vampire bat. He soon stumbles upon a witch that wants to make him her husband.

(there's another moose). The witch cooks up a batch of love potion but Ringo avoids getting it squirted on him. And thanks to George's intervention she eventually falls into her cauldron and comes out a beautiful woman. Ringo then falls in love with her and decides to become a witch.

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