Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cartoon: Any Time At All

They go into an art museum for a tour. The Beatles stop at a painting of the Three Musketeers + 1. They then get pulled into painting, or the past. A girl is trapped in a castle by a green goblin man/witch.

The Beatles go into the castle. Each Beatle shouts a motto.....
John- "Ecthos" or ethos (what I heard), it's really Athos
George- "Rothos"
Paul- "Arimus"
Ringo- "Ringo"

Big comedy chase scene. John scares away the monster with kisses, sexual/homosexual advances.
Monster is kicked out of the window by Ringo.....
At the end of skit Ringo says, "Ah those were the days when a man was a man and a lady was a lady."


They come back to museum and accidentally capture beautiful jewel thief that had them come there in the first place. She had hoped that the Beatles would help her, instead they turn her in.

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