Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cartoon: Got To Get You Into My Life

Got To Get You Into My Life opens with the lads in India. To hide from screaming fans they wear women's clothing. They soon find a book about "escaping your body" by Swami Rivers. They meet Swami Rivers and ask him to show them how to escape their bodies. But all he does is show them rope tricks and seems to only want their money.

They soon convince him to show them how to escape their bodies and he tells them to lie on the floor and chant, while he goes to sleep. It works but then their uninhabited bodies get up and walk away.

They try to wake up Swami with music, but it doesn't work. Their bodies then get into a bunch of dangerous situations as the spirits try to save them.

Eventually the bodies walk off a cliff and re-unite with the souls. Later George's spirit falls in love with Swami's daughter, and he has to push it back in again.

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