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Ambidextrous/Right-Hand Usage - McCartney

Caught right-handed again. During interview following incident in the Philippines.

Some PIDers claim you can tell 'Faul' took over as Paul at the 8-28-66 LA Interview because he's smoking right handed. And that Paul McCartney's last interview was in Memphis a couple days earlier.

Where HE TOO smokes right handed. Funny how PIDers never mention that.
Youtube link: (skip to 2:45)

And look who's drinking right-handed while Lennon apologizes for his "more popular than Jesus" remark.


using a lighter right-handed here.
I've tried to use a lighter with my left hand, just to see if I could. Mission Impossible.

Pouring a drink!

Paul eating an apple during an interview. Right and left handed.

More right-handed Photos from the vintage scan site:

batting right handed, 1965.

Here are more right-handed Pauls from vintage Beatlemania mags.

Image ... gagain.jpg ... otMilk.jpg

If 'Faul' is deliberately holding a cig in his right hand in this staged photo to signify that Paul McCartney is dead...

Then, shouldn't that mean the same thing in this photo?

used on the sleeve of one of their early singles.

Cig in right hand in Beatles For Sale inner gatefold image.
Next to Paul's head is Jayne Mansfield in her role as Billie, from It Takes A Thief.

both hands here, again-

He's barefoot and using his right hand here, shouldn't that mean it's a PID clue? I guess the PIDer loop-hole would be no, because he's not in a "funeral procession".

But there's still no reason why smoking right-handed in the 8-28-66 interview should mean it's 'Faul'* and all the other times he smokes right-handed (before that) it's Paul. 

Either Paul McCartney was ambidextrous, meaning the use of 'Faul's' right hand should be excluded as a clue. Or there were left-handed Pauls, right-handed Pauls and ambidextrous Pauls, meaning there were multiples. You have to pick one, PIDers.

There seems to be no evidence of any 'PFauls' in any era writing or playing guitar right-handed in an image that is not flipped.

*Their other reasons for it being 'Faul' is the he was "nervous" and put his hands up to his face. Both of which are exaggerations. Besides, that would mean every time Paul is nervous or puts his hand up to his face, it means it's really Faul. Besides, why would they replace Paul when there were still public appearances to be made? They say you can tell it's when Faul took over because it was their last show and interview. If they were going to replace Paul, wouldn't the safest time to do that and really get away with it be after the tour?

He seems nervous and he has his hand up to his face here, that must mean it's "Faul".

PIDers also say you can tell it's 'Faul' in the Penny Lane promo film because he starts to hold his bass guitar as a right-hander. (though, he first grabs it as a lefty).

Well, in AHDN, he grabs for a drink during the press conference with his right hand.

and a sandwich

"Hope no one saw!"

The point of this thread is that PIDers are wrong when they say that "Paul never used his right hand for anything before 1967."

Many believe this is footage of McCartney playing a guitar right-handed (top) seen in the Anthology.
When in fact it was flipped. In the non-flipped image (bottom), we can see the hair part, lip scar and shirt buttons are in the proper place. Also, he is playing a right-handed guitar restrung for a lefty.
If it were not flipped, he would be playing a guitar upside-down, which is non-sensical.

smoking right-handed during this 1964 interview -

where he also drinks right-handed.

same thing here in 1966, smoking and drinking right-handed during an interview.

More from the PID/MH forum which were used to display 'the real Paul'.

very often drinking right handed.

I don't know about anyone else, but if I tried drinking with my non-dominant hand, it would be all over my shirt.

Paul eating an apple right-handed. If this photo had been taken after 1966 PIDers would be screaming 'Faul' from the mountain tops. But since it's 1964 they will say 'real Paul' was just using his right hand because his left was busy with something more important. And the photo isn't flipped because you can read Australia on the girl's sash and on the tray. And the jacket buttons are correct.
John seems to be holding the tray with his right hand. What was Paul doing with his left hand, tickling Ringo?

And remember he ate an apple with both of his hands in an interview this same year.

Paul smoking right handed, as usual.
Japan press conference 1966
this was before they toured America later that summer of '66.

much more right-handed smoking and eating.

Here's another shot of him holding that big cigar with his right hand.

and a wider shot of the right-handed baseball 'Paul' of 1965.


Here is a video version of this presentation:


Anonymous said...

The problem with this left handed vs right handed argument, is that most people don't understand the scenarios in which the dominant hand is used. The dominant hand is only used in preference over the other hand when both sides of the body are used in the task. This is called bilateral integration. Both sides of the body integrated to preform a task.

For example, let's say I am right handed (which I am). I would write with my right hand and stabilize the paper with my left hand. Writing is an exception to this rule, however. Even when stabilizing isn't necessary, a person (that is not truly ambidextrous) can only write with their dominant hand.

If I am playing baseball, I would need to have my baseball glove on my left hand so that I am able to throw the ball with my right. Catching with the left and throwing with the right integrates both sides of the body. Likewise, if I am batting, I would stand to the left of home plate holding the bat with my right hand on top and left hand on bottom. This gives my dominant side, my right side, more control over the bat so that when I swing, I am swinging from right to left.

Also, in regards to the baseball example, my 5 year old son is left handed. In all tasks that require bilateral integration, he leads with his left. Except baseball. He bats and throws right handed. When he tries to lead with his left in these tasks, he is not as accurate as he is leading with his right.

If I am playing a guitar, I would need to hold the guitar with my left hand so that my right hand can be used to strum the chords.

Doing things like eating, drinking, reaching for an object, smoking a cigarette and many of the examples in the pictures of this post, are not tasks that need both sides of the body to perform.

I smoke with my left hand. I can also open doors with my left hand, reach for a glass in the cupboard with my left hand, open doors with my left hand and many other things. So the debate regarding Paul/Faul being left handed or right handed only holds weight if you are showing examples of his dominant hand in tasks that require bilateral integration.

Linus said...

Thank you, yes, that is exactly the whole point of this post.
The problem with the PID camp is that they post photos of McCartney post-66 using his right hand to hold objects and claim that it means he’s a right-handed impostor. When we see him using his right hand all the time before 1967.
I see the title of this post is misleading, I only meant ^.

However, the biggest point that needs to be emphasized is that there are no instances of right-hand use for writing or playing guitar in any era. Though PIDers do use flipped images & videos to say otherwise. But if one looks at things like lip scar, shirt buttons, hair part, pick guard, writing, they can tell if it’s flipped.

john schumacher said...

Paul also plays drums right handed. There is a pic of this on g+ that you might be interested in adding to your right handed Paul photos.

john schumacher said...

here is the pic of Paul playing the drums right handed from g+. A lot of lefty's are forced to play right handed for many reasons. Being a righty myself; I know that it is very difficult to play the drums setup for a lefty.